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I lead by example and with understanding. I inspire others to find the best in themselves.


I am a visionary with big Ideas to change the world and make it a better place.


I want to eliminate stress for people and allow them focus on what they do best.

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Mike Axe is a Los Angeles based producer who works at the world’s leading edutainment company, Age of Learning, Inc. best known for ABCmouse Early Learning Academy and Massively Multiplayer Online Learning Game, Adventure Academy.

He has helped to produce over 1,000 animated shorts and 100 live action videos that are found on ABCmouse and Adventure Academy. This equates to over 35 hours of content that is seen by millions of children across the world each year.

Also, notably in Mike’s role at Age of Learning, he transformed the publishing department processes to increase efficiency and output. In the publishing department, Mike has…

  • Produced over 500 spreads across 50 originally illustrated and designed books with video content produced to accompany each book
  • Produced over 100 infographics and articles teaching math, science, and English  language topics
  • Produced 25 graphic novels teaching topics from the human body, science, and math

Mike specializes in building transparency and automating processes for an efficient and less stressful production. His mission in life is to empower others to be their best selves and change the world.

Mike is a passionate Smartsheet loyalist. He believes that Smartsheet systems help creators get more done and allows them to make even better content.

For the studio team, Mike builds Smartsheet systems that automates various steps in the production process. Some of the systems created include…

  • System to collect all onboarding paperwork
  • A centralized hub to collect and get our team of contractors paid faster for their services
  • Series dashboards that show important at a glance metrics to ensure on time and on budget production

Collaboration is imperative to bring the best content to life. Mike bridges effective and transparent communication across various departments at Age of Learning — from executives, curriculum, directors, writers, artists, animators, editors, globalization, marketing, and product owners, Mike ensures that everyone has answers to all of their questions and receives deliverables on time, every time.

Mike is a creative visionary who leads through example. He works closely with his direct reports to inspire them to focus on the next steps and utilize their best talents — ultimately resulting in the creation of better content. When not working, Mike can be found enjoying a good book or watching a show or movie. He currently resides in Burbank with his beautiful fiancee, Karissa.

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